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Lower Taxes, Big Gains: Americans Already Benefiting from Tax Cuts

Some of your bills are actually going to be lowered because of the tax bill.

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Leader McCarthy Talks Camp David Meetings, ’18 Agenda

Passing tax reform was the beginning of America’s comeback. In 2018 we want to complete America’s comeback.

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Leader McCarthy and Chairman Royce Announce Vote Supporting the People of Iran

This resolution condemns the regime’s crackdowns on legitimate protest and makes clear that America stands with Iranians who want peace, freedom, and a better life.

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Leader McCarthy: This Year We’ll Complete America’s Comeback

Leader McCarthy: This Year We Complete America’s Comeback

We started America’s comeback with tax reform. This year we need to finish the job.

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Leader McCarthy on the Retirement of Chairman Gregg Harper

His strong and principled leadership will surely be missed.