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House Introduces Rescission Bill

Returning this money to the treasury is the type of budgetary spring-cleaning that ensures our government practices prudence with hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

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President Trump is Right to Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran Deal is a bad deal. Through his action today, President Trump sent a strong signal to Iran and other foreign adversaries that nuclear proliferation has consequences.

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Lower Taxes, Less Waste

Let’s make government more accountable, more efficient, and more effective.

Press Releases Tax Reform Taxes

Tackling Wasteful Spending

Leader McCarthy appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss how Congress is taking action to cut wasteful spending and the importance of the midterm elections.

Press Releases Government Spending

How We’re Cutting Spending with President Trump

By using the Impoundment Act to cut wasteful spending, Democrats will now be forced to debate and defend their budget priorities in front of the public.