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McCarthy Letter to President Biden on the Border Crisis

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy sent the following letter to President Biden expressing his concern with the manner in which the Biden Administration is handling the crisis at our southern border,…

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Democrats Just Voted to Defund the Police

Remember last year when liberal cities across the country defunded their police departments to catastrophic effect? Well, while you were asleep last night, House Democrats voted to do it at the…

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Unaccompanied kids being held by Border Patrol for 77 hours on average, internal documents show

“Migrant children crossing the US-Mexico border alone are staying in Border Patrol custody for longer than three days on average, overwhelming capacity at border facilities and indicating a…

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When Democrats Defund Our Police, Communities are Less Safe

Los Angeles, Austin, and New York City should have been a warning. Democrats made them the blueprint.


Inside Democrats’ Plan to Rig Elections—Permanently

In 2017, Nancy Pelosi tweeted “Our election was hijacked.” What she meant by that is that the results of the election didn’t go her way. Then and there, she started devising a plan to make sure…