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Press Releases

Senate Democrats Shut the Government Down

Why are you holding our troops and the government hostage for an unrelated immigration fight?

Press Releases Life

The House Votes to End Infanticide

I am frankly astounded that so many Democrat representatives would cast a vote to allow the killing of newborn children.

Press Releases Insurance Veterans

Democrats Consider the Unthinkable: Abandoning Our Children, Military

This is a clean government funding bill that pays our troops, supports our veterans, keeps government open.

Press Releases Religious liberty

Leader McCarthy Speaks at the Opening of a New Religious Liberty Division at HHS


We’ve been working together this past year to protect religious freedom for the people of California and the United States.

Press Releases Tax Reform

Leader McCarthy Touts Economic Boost from Tax Cuts

Trump Tax Plan

And what did we find last week? Not only were bonuses going out but also raises.