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Leader McCarthy Talks Trump Budget and Tax Reform

McCarthy appeared on CNBC and Fox News to discuss President Trump’s budget proposal and House Republican efforts to reform the tax code.

Press Release

We Honor our Law Enforcement Officers

Every day, but especially this week, we are proud to show our respect and gratitude for America’s law enforcement.

Leader's Blog

14 Reforms Restore Power to the People

Overturning these last-minute Obama-era regulations was good for our economy, good for our Constitution, and most importantly, good for our people.

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Leader McCarthy on Syria Sanctions Legislation

Congress stands united across party lines to take action against the Assad regime.

Press Release

Bringing Government from the Time of Mad Men to the Age of Silicon Valley

80% of the $80 billion we spend each year on IT is used to maintain legacy systems, to buy expensive parts that nobody uses anymore for systems we shouldn’t even have.