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Leader McCarthy Joins Sunday Morning Futures To Discuss His Bill To Fund The Border Wall

“I believe we can get this done. That’s why I introduced it, that’s why we will fight for it.”

Press Releases border border security Immigration wall

Leader McCarthy Introduces the Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act

President Trump’s election was a wakeup call to Washington. The American People want us to build the Wall and enforce the law.

Press Releases border border security ICE Immigration

Kevin McCarthy Talks About His Bill To Fully Fund Trump Border Wall On Fox News

“This is the ability to build the wall and enforce the law, or have no border whatsoever.”

Press Releases border Immigration National Security wall

Leader McCarthy Visits U.S.-Mexico Border

I came away from this meeting awed by the magnitude of the border and the bravery of the officers who patrol it.

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A Good and Impartial Judge

I applaud Leader McConnell, Chairman Grassley, and every Republican Senator who stood tall and ensured Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed.