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Press Release

VA Accountability Puts Veterans First

Employee protections are important, but we must never let them work against the well-being of our veterans.

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Announces More Health Care Reform Legislation

These bills are just the beginning of phase three of our continued efforts to reform our health care system so it works for the American people

Press Release

Leader McCarthy on the Air: Lower Premiums, Better Quality, and Individual Choice

The American Health Care Act is exactly what we told the American public what we would do.

Leader's Blog

About that CBO Report

Our plans lowers premiums, reduces the deficit, and stops the death spiral.

Press Release

Leader McCarthy on the Air: Premiums, Taxes, and the Deficit All Go Down

This is Obamacare gone. We repeal it and repeal the taxes, and we actually make a system that works and lowers premiums.