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The March for Life

It is above all a positive proclamation that all lives are worth living, all lives are worth cherishing, and all lives are worth protecting

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Leader McCarthy on President Trump’s Border Actions

President Trump’s actions are the right start to enforcing our laws and protecting our citizens.

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Leader McCarthy Statement on the Retirement of Representative Lynn Jenkins

Lynn Jenkins has been an incredible public servant. On the Ways and Means Committee, she has been a fierce defender of fiscal discipline and common-sense tax policy.


Leader McCarthy’s WSJ Op-Ed: How the House Will Roll Back Washington’s Rule by Bureaucrat

In the weeks to come, the House and Senate will use the Congressional Review Act to repeal as many job-killing and ill-conceived regulations as possible.

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The House is Defending Life

We are committed to defending life, not destroying it; and we are committed to ensuring taxpayer money is not used to support a practice that millions of Americans are deeply and morally against.