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Failing to Reform the VA Threatens Veterans’ Lives

The average time it takes to dismiss somebody from the VA is more than a year. That is unacceptable.

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Strengthening Career and Technical Education

Our economy is changing at a rapid pace, and to ensure America keeps up and leads the way in the 21st century, we must encourage educational advancement at all levels.

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Obamacare Raised Taxes on the Sickest Americans. We Just Voted to End It.

Seniors, middle class, those facing the highest medical bills—they will all finally get some relief.

Press Release

A National Strategy for the Internet of Things

Today, the House took an important step towards a national strategy to keep America the innovation capital of the world.

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When we think back on 9/11, we know that America is strong, our values are worth fighting for, and we will never give in to fear or terror.