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Press Releases Defense NDAA

NDAA | House Passes Major Defense Bill

As Memorial Day approaches, Congress has passed an NDAA that will help our military deter conflict and achieve total victory on future battlefields.

Press Releases GOP agenda Opioids

USA TODAY Op-Ed: GOP Leading the Charge Against the Opioid Crisis

Beating the opioid crisis will require nothing less than the biggest response in history. That response is already under way, led by President Trump and Republicans in Congress.

Press Releases Dodd-Frank

Congress Rolls Back Harmful Obama-Era Financial Regulations

This bill tailors regulatory standards so community banks can free up resources that support communities and small business.

Press Releases Prison Reform

House Passes Major Prison Reform Bill

These evidence-based reforms reduce the likelihood that inmates will reoffend once they return to society.

Press Releases Health Care Right to Try

House Sends ‘Right to Try’ to President Trump

Today, people who were told they didn’t have a chance can now have a little more hope.