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Education is Best Managed at the Local Level

President Trump’s order will help end the bureaucracy’s education overreach and put parents and teachers back in charge.

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Supports Local Control of Land

Local control is not only better policy; it respects the American people who can get along just fine without a distant government controlling all the details of their lives.

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Leader McCarthy in Military Times: Strikes on Syria, ISIS Highlight Need for Military Readiness Investment

One of the time-tested counters to acts of aggression is American military strength and readiness. It is our duty in Congress to provide the resources to secure peace and freedom.

Press Release

Title X CRA

Overturning this rule allows states to fully fund Title X programs without being forced to direct that money to abortion providers

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Supports OMB Government Reform Actions

These actions will go a long way towards ensuring our government serves the people, not itself.