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Press Release

The House Passes Intelligence Authorization

Chairman Nunes (CA-22) and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have yet again ensured our nation has the capabilities we need to keep the American people safe.

Press Release

Innovation Initiative: Cutting Regulations for Emerging Companies

Today‚Äôs vote will help cut away the red tape tying down emerging companies, enabling those who are pushing the boundaries in scientific and medical research to devote themselves to their work, not…

Press Release

The House Passes Funding for Military Construction and the VA

Republicans in the House have exercised our authority in this appropriations bill to ensure our military personnel and veterans are provided for responsibly.

Press Release

Reforms and Resources our Military Needs

Beyond providing funding for our troops and starting to address the readiness crisis in our military, this defense authorization bill institutes some much needed reforms.

Press Release

The House Takes Action to Turn the Tide Against Zika

After studying the issue and consulting with experts, the House has laid down a path to counter the outbreak, providing funding that we need this year to search for a cure, stop the spread of this…