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Coming this Fall: More Innovation for a Stronger America

We’ve already passed 24 Innovation Initiative bills in the House, and we have five more next week to accelerate private sector innovation and bring greater innovation into government.

Leader's Blog

Don’t Punish the Success of American Olympians

Our already overzealous tax code should not punish our best athletes for representing our country and achieving international excellence.

Leader's Blog

$400 Million in an Unmarked Cargo Plane

Iran sent American hostages back on the same day it received the cash. Sounds a lot like a ransom payment to me.

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Statement on the Attack in France

Our nation mourns with the people of France as they undergo yet another national tragedy.

Press Release

A New Day in the Battle Against Opioid Abuse

I want to thank the community leaders out on the front lines and all the families and individuals who suffered from addiction who were brave enough to tell their most personal stories so that we…