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Press Releases Innovation Veterans

The Innovation Initiative Helps Students and Vets

We can increase transparency and put an end to the wait time scandal that consigned so many veterans to unconscionable delays for medical care.

Press Releases Appropriations Water

​McCarthy Supports California Drought Language in Water Bill

This is an important moment for California, and the timing of this deal is critical.

Press Releases Obamacare Reform

Leader McCarthy and Chairmen Request Input from Governors on Health Care Reform

Obamacare is crumbling under its own weight and costing seriously harming people in the process.

Press Releases Defense National Security Reform Veterans

Defense Authorization is a Win for our Troops and America

This legislation provides the resources, material, and pay our military needs to fight and win.

Press Releases

The House Rejects an Arbitrary Dodd-Frank Rule

This law has failed to protect the American people and has instead spun a web of red tape that either doesn’t make sense or increases the burden on small lenders our communities rely on.