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Puerto Rico: Long-Term Reforms, No Bailout

The PROMESA Act rejects the false choice between insolvency and a bailout by establishing an oversight board to help responsibly manage Puerto Rico’s finances and budget while also instituting a…

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The World Needs American Leadership

The House—deliberating through this Task Force on National Security—has shown what it will take to keep America safe and regain our standing in the world.

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The House Makes EPA Ozone Regulations Reasonable

This bill saves my community and others from unnecessary penalties while we continue the good progress we’re already making to clean up the air.

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The House Presents its Anti-Poverty Agenda

It’s time to rethink our anti-poverty programs with a focus on results.

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The DOJ Must Defend Our Veterans

We cannot entrust veterans’ health care to people unwilling or unable to do their jobs and to an agency like the VA that is unable to hold people accountable.