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Leader McCarthy: With Water, California Can Lead America Again

The laws governing water are broken. The bureaucracy is working against the people. The system is holding us back. But this is not how it has to be.

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Takes Down Arguments Against California Drought Relief

I think it’s about time that we stop making false accusations and actually stand for what we need. This is regular order on the floor of the House with the bipartisan ideas that we heard, and…

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Water is not a Luxury. It is a Necessity.

Water is not a luxury. It’s a necessity, and we need it now more than ever. We need more pumping and we need more storage capturing more runoff.

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The House Passes Intelligence Authorization

Chairman Nunes (CA-22) and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have yet again ensured our nation has the capabilities we need to keep the American people safe.

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Innovation Initiative: Cutting Regulations for Emerging Companies

Today’s vote will help cut away the red tape tying down emerging companies, enabling those who are pushing the boundaries in scientific and medical research to devote themselves to their work, not…