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Leader McCarthy in National Review: Congress Stands Athwart Obama’s Imperial Presidency

With our vote, the House will make it clear that we think the President’s executive action on immigration directly infringes on Congress’s Article I powers and undermines our representative…

Press Release

Innovation Initiative: Keeping Internet Available for All

Today –thanks to Greg Walden—we have the first bill from the Innovation Initiative on the floor, protecting the Internet for hundreds of thousands of users.


Leader McCarthy in War on the Rocks: Time to Stop Maximizing the Chances of Failure in Afghanistan

Along with other House national security leaders, I have just sent a letter to President Obama expressing our concern for the Resolute Support mission. The Obama administration needs a strategic…

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Leader McCarthy Honors John Lewis with the Congressional Patriot Award

John fought for our country with nonviolence. He defended our country with peacefulness. And he loved our country profoundly, even in the darkest of days. That is the mark of a true patriot.

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The House Stands for Sane Energy Policy

While the Administration’s assault on working Americans is consistent, its regulatory prescriptions are a mess of contradictions.