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Press Release

The EPA Should Not Reduce the Brick Industry to Rubble

We cannot let the EPA reduce to rubble an industry that creates the literal building blocks of our communities.

Press Release

Public Lands for Public Use

By overregulating, these bureaucrats do a lot of damage to our fishermen, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts, stopping perfectly legal and safe outdoor activities.

Press Release

House Passes Reforms for an Impartial Court System

With these litigation reforms, our court system can operate with the impartiality Americans both expect and deserve.

Press Release

McCarthy, Hoyer Applaud Today’s Release of Bulk Access to Bill Status Information

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer applaud today’s new release of bulk access to House and Senate bill status information by the U.S. Government…

Leader's Blog

The VA Will Not Change Unless the Administration Makes It

By failing to hold its employees accountable, the VA is sending a simple message that it will defend its bureaucratic elite even while it fails our veterans.