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The House Takes First Step to Repeal Obamacare

Republicans didn’t create this problem, but we’re going to fix it.

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Stop the CA High-Speed Rail Boondoggle Now

This train is a money-pit publicity project that we cannot afford.

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Leader McCarthy at Hoover: The Swamp is the Bureaucracy

The branches of government are no longer co-equal, and that’s really a threat to the economy, to the Constitution, and to the people.

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The House’s Reforms Put Restructuring Washington First

When bureaucrats cannot be held accountable regardless of corruption, incompetence, waste, fraud, abuse, or the backroom deals they make with special interests, that’s the swamp.

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Leader McCarthy on Hugh Hewitt: Regulatory Reform Will Unleash Economic Growth

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show this morning to discuss the work the House is doing on regulatory reform to help move our economy forward.