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Press Release

Leader McCarthy on the Morning Shows: The House is Leading the Way to Keep America Safe

This morning, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke on four major morning shows to discuss the House’s work to keep America safe and grow our economy.

Press Release

House Passes Intelligence Authorization to Keep America Safe

Our first line of defense in the fight against terrorism is intelligence. With the right information, we can identify threats to our homeland and our allies and stop them before they happen.

Press Release

A Clean Environment and a Strong Economy

Today, the House rejected the President’s false premise that a cleaner environment can only be achieved by arbitrary bureaucratic rules. As it always has, our success depends on freeing our…

Leader's Blog

The Obama Administration Doesn’t Know What’s Worse, Global Warming or Terrorism

The Obama Administration is equating global warming with the threat of ISIS—a sadistic terrorist regime that has murdered Americans, enslaves people, and wishes to carry out even more attacks…

Leader's Blog

Congress Has a Better Energy Plan

For America to succeed—leading the world in safe and abundant energy while also growing our economy—we must embrace the free market principles and spirit of innovation at the heart of our energy…