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Press Releases 21st Century Government Innovation

The Innovation Initiative Empowers Women Innovators

With these two items, the Innovation Initiative continues empowering the American people for the sake of the American people, removing obstacles to success while bringing innovation into government.

Press Releases ISIL ISIS National Security Terrorism

The House Continues to Move Bills to Make America and the World More Secure

There will be continual bills you will find on this floor from the task force to move forward not only to make America more secure, but the world as well.

Blog ISIL ISIS Terrorism

America Speaks with One Voice: Genocide is Happening

I am pleased that Secretary Kerry stood with the House today, unequivocally stating that ISIS is committing genocide.

Press Releases Constitutionalism Immigration

The House Votes Against the President’s Immigration Action

With this vote, we make clear that the President’s infringement on Congress’s constitutional powers is an affront to self-rule and undermines the liberty of the American people.

News Constitutionalism Immigration

Leader McCarthy in National Review: Congress Stands Athwart Obama’s Imperial Presidency

With our vote, the House will make it clear that we think the President’s executive action on immigration directly infringes on Congress’s Article I powers and undermines our representative…