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Leader McCarthy on Squawk Box: The House is Not Sitting Back

Whoever becomes the nominee, they can grab the House Republican agenda from poverty and opportunity to economics to regulatory reform to tax reform to health care and national security.

Press Release

Obama Oversteps Congress, Locks up Land for Personal Legacy

Today President Obama unilaterally locked up nearly 1.8 million acres by designating three new national monuments in California. This action undermines ongoing legislative efforts tailored to the…

Leader's Blog

The VA Yet Again Fails Our Veterans

Now, adding insult to injury, we’ve discovered that veterans who need help and call a crisis center aren’t even guaranteed to speak to a real person. In fact, some of these calls even went to…

Press Release

We Stand With Our Ally Turkey

Only constant vigilance and a strong response to global terrorism can put an end to these senseless murders.

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ISIS Hit American-Supported Fighters with Chemical Weapons

The longer we allow ISIS to exist, the more ISIS can develop chemical weapons and use them against our allies or potentially even American troops in the region.