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ISIS Hit American-Supported Fighters with Chemical Weapons

The longer we allow ISIS to exist, the more ISIS can develop chemical weapons and use them against our allies or potentially even American troops in the region.

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Leader McCarthy Statement on the Death of Justice Scalia

Justice Scalia is irreplaceable and we are in debt to his service.

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We Need to Impose Sanctions on North Korea Now

With a resounding and near unanimous voice in both the House and Senate, Congress calls on the President to impose new sanctions on North Korea for its dangerous behavior and repeated violations of…

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Leader McCarthy Statement on Menu Labeling Bill

Sandwich shops like the one I owned should be focused more on the hundreds, if not thousands of combinations of spreads, meats, and veggies for a customer’s sandwich—not the hundreds, if not…

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The Administration Isn’t Serious About the Debt

The debt problem can’t be solved until the Administration shares Congress’s desire to make the hard choices and address out-of-control spending.”