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Leader’s Daily Guidance

Good Morning, and welcome to the Leader’s Daily Guidance, notes to help you prepare for the day when we are in session.


The Truth Behind Democrats’ Election Bill, H.R. 1

This week, Democrats are pushing partisan legislation that would change how we conduct elections and how we can speak. And guess what? They want the federal government…

Blog border security

“That number seems like a crisis”

DHS projects that there will be 117,000 unaccompanied child migrants crossing the US border (see Axios piece below).
At the White House briefing today, a reporter noted that 117,000 figure “seems…

Press Releases American Leadership

McCarthy Floor Speech on H.R. 1

Leader McCarthy delivered a speech on the House Floor against H.R. 1, House Democrats’ partisan For the Politicians Act.

Blog Education

Our Children’s Mental Health Must Be a National Priority

It’s past time to reopen schools. Today, on the annual World Teen Mental Wellness Day, we explain why.