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6 Reasons the EPA Power Plant Rule is Bad for America

Because the Obama Administration couldn’t get what it wanted the right way through Congress and with the approval of the American people, it’s now trying to impose its radical regulations by…

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House Will Vote on Iran Agreement Disapproval in September

It is clear that this is a bad deal, and the House will vote on disapproval in September.

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President Obama Chooses Green Legacy Over a Growing Economy

To the President, appeasing a fringe environmental movement has overtaken the more responsible path to grow our economy.

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Hire More Heroes Signed Into Law

When our veterans return home, Washington shouldn’t put up any roadblocks when our heroes are finding a job.

Leader's Blog

We Don’t Have to Choose Between War and a Bad Deal

With American leadership, the sanctions regime can be re-imposed, meaning we have more options than war or a bad deal.