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Press Release

Intelligence Authorization Bill Keeps America Safe

This Intelligence authorization bill is necessary to respond to cyber attacks and terrorism. And here in the House, we voted again to put national defense above politics.

House Will Continue Business Despite Democrat Discord

This House continues to move forward despite what’s going on on the other side. We think it’s the responsible thing to do.

Leader's Blog

The House is Halfway Through the Appropriations Process

With an open amendment process, Democrats and Republicans in the House have worked together to already pass six of the 12 appropriations bills.

Press Release

Iran Should Release American Prisoners Immediately

As long as Iran imprisons innocent Americans, it is hard to imagine conducting good-faith negotiations over Iran’s nuclear pursuits.

Leader's Blog

Congressional Democrats Need Matt Foley

While Democrats are busy obstructing the appropriations process and destructing bipartisan, pro-growth trade bills, House Republicans are building a responsible governing agenda