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Press Releases

Leader McCarthy on Chairman Miller’s Decision to Not Seek Reelection

Judy and I wish him and his wife Vicki all the best and thank them for their service to our veterans, the great state of Florida, and our country.

Press Releases Iran

Obama Administration Deal Must Not Shield Iran from Accountability

If the President does nothing, his most notable legacy will be to have shielded Iran from accountability with a sham of a deal, enabling the Iranian regime to put the security and interests of…

Press Releases

Leader McCarthy on the Passing of Nancy Reagan

We will always remember her for her service, her devotion, and her unfailing love for our country.

Press Releases Regulatory Reform

The EPA Should Not Reduce the Brick Industry to Rubble

We cannot let the EPA reduce to rubble an industry that creates the literal building blocks of our communities.

Press Releases Freedom Regulatory Reform

Public Lands for Public Use

By overregulating, these bureaucrats do a lot of damage to our fishermen, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts, stopping perfectly legal and safe outdoor activities.