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Leader McCarthy Calls on House Committees to Investigate Inhumane Abortion Practices

I speak for all of my colleagues when I say I was deeply disturbed by reports and video of an organization engaging in such grotesque and inhumane practices.


McCarthy in USA TODAY: California can grow greater still if we’re smart about water

Though we can’t legislate rain, we can overcome federal and state policies that are exacerbating this historic drought if we choose the path that frees California to grow.

Press Release

Now is the Moment to Fight the Western Drought

The western water bill is simple, it’s common sense, and David Valadeo has led the charge to make a real difference.

Press Release

Congress Will Not Accept a Bad Deal

Nothing in the deal announced today eliminates Iran’s ability to eventually become a nuclear threshold power. It just delays the day and rewards the Iranians with billions in sanctions relief until…

Leader's Blog

Rise of the Ineptocracy

Democrats may want to prop up the executive ineptocracy, but Republicans in Congress have said enough is enough.