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President Obama Wants to Lift the Iranian Oil Export Ban But Keep America’s

It makes absolutely no sense that the President would want to let Iran benefit from free energy trade while denying those same benefits to America.

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This is What Happens When You Cave on a Nuclear Deal

Now it seems that cash-strapped dictators everywhere might follow Iran’s lead and leverage the U.S. for a couple billion dollars.

Leader's Blog

Defunding Planned Parenthood is the Right Thing to Do

There is no reason—absolutely no reason—we must choose between supporting women’s health and forcing taxpayers to support abortion.

Leader's Blog

INFOGRAPHIC: We Can Get a Better Deal

We know there is a better path forward than what this Administration has agreed to with Iran. Our allies in the Middle East are looking to us for leadership, and the weak leadership demonstrated by…

Press Release

Leader McCarthy: If We Stand Up and Get a Better Deal, the World Can Have Peace