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Press Release

The OPM Has Demonstrated the Height of Incompetence

Public trust in how our government is run is already low, and any resolution to this massive data breach and theft can only happen with new leadership at the OPM immediately.

Leader's Blog

Fighting Valley Fever

I have been focused on providing our national health leaders a firsthand look at the struggle Valley Fever can cause and have pushed federal agencies to take steps that could help incentivize…

Press Release

Education is the First Step to Opportunity

Real education reform starts with taking power out of Washington’s hands and giving it back to the people, because nobody knows what is best for a child’s future more than the parents who raise…

Leader's Blog

Why ‘CURES’ Matters

This week, the House will consider landmark legislation—known as the 21st Century Cures Act (H.R. 6)—that invests in medical research and modernizes our health care system to discover, develop,…

Leader's Blog

Celebrating Our Nation’s Principles

Centuries after the birth of our nation, we still celebrate our Declaration of Independence because the principles it was founded on—government by the people, the innate dignity of human beings,…