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Press Releases

McCarthy Statement on Women’s Equality Day

Ninety-five years later, we are continuing to make strides to ensure the opportunity for prosperity is offered to all Americans.

Press Releases Iran

Leader McCarthy on the Release of a Secret Side Agreement Through the Associated Press

Though President Obama claimed that this agreement is not based on trust but on verification, this side deal makes it look like the exact opposite. We cannot and should not trust Iran with any…

Press Releases Iran

Secret Side Deals Reveal Iran Nuclear Verification is a Sham

This side agreement shows that true verification is a sham, and it begs the question of what else the Administration is keeping from Congress.

Press Releases energy

A ‘Fresh’ Reason For Why the Obama Climate Agenda is Unnecessary

What the president wants to achieve with more government intervention is, well, already happening thanks to free-market forces.

Blog Life

What the House is Doing About Planned Parenthood

We will continue our investigation, and we will not rest until we know the whole truth about exactly what Planned Parenthood is doing as they harvest organs. Life is sacred, and as a good and loving…