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Leader McCarthy: America’s Economy Needs TPA

Trade is the difference between times of prosperity and times of stagnation.

Press Release

The House Will Not Play Political Games with Defense

Today, the House made it clear that we have a plan to fund defense and support our troops. On the other hand, Senate Democrats and the White House are spending their time making plans to shut down…

Press Release

House Saves Producers from Costly Retaliation

This will save us billions of dollars in possible retaliation from Canada and Mexico so American and Californian agriculture can continue to focus on what it does best: feeding people across the…

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Meets With Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk

America’s support for a free Ukraine is unwavering, but more can and should be done to expand the capabilities of Ukrainian forces and weaken Putin’s influence over the region.

Leader's Blog

Senate Democrats Want to Force a Shutdown

Though Republicans have done everything possible to keep the appropriations process open and move through regular order, Democrats are committed to obstruction, even to the point of forcing a…