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Premium AND Administrative Costs Will Rise Under Obamacare

Washington can’t make health care affordable by passing a law saying that it’s so. Real affordability comes when companies can offer a variety of choices, compete for buyers, and drive down…

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House Votes to Cut Regulation in U.S. Fishing Industry

Our domestic seafood industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and generates billions in revenue each year. But the current regulations and data that govern our fisheries need to be updated to…

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Leader McCarthy Joins Chairmen Bishop, Chaffetz, Calvert In Urging President to Nominate Permanent Inspector General at Interior

The Department’s last permanent inspector general left on February 23, 2009—more than six years ago. Since then, the office has been managed by an acting inspector general whose tenure has been…

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The Senate Must Pass the USA Freedom Act

The Senate should act quickly and send the USA Freedom Act and send it to the President’s desk.

Leader's Blog

As Economy Slows, We Need Trade

Despite the Commerce Department’s initial estimates that the economy grew at 0.2 percent the first quarter of this year, a revised report reveals that the economy actually shrank at a 0.7 percent…