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Press Release

Leader McCarthy Speaks at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation on the Economy and America’s Fiscal Future

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal Summit discussing trade, the progress of the House agenda, and more with CNN’s Dana Bash

Press Release

House Sends Anti-Human Trafficking Bill to President’s Desk

This bill targets multiple aspects of human trafficking from providing resources and tools to law enforcement to helping victims reenter society and strengthening our laws against those involved in…

Press Release

Leader McCarthy on an Innovation Agenda for the 21st Century

Majority Leader McCarthy spoke at a leadership press conference today about both the House’s accomplishments last week and efforts this week to spur innovation and move America into the 21st…

Leader's Blog

Honoring the Armed Forces, House Passes Six Vets Bills

While there is always more to be done—especially reforms to bring the VA into the 21st century—these six bills thank our veterans with actions that will help improve their lives.

Leader's Blog

This Week: Innovation for a 21st Century America

This week, the House will advance our ability to innovate by voting to end Washington roadblocks to change and by reprioritizing our support for basic research to subjects that are more useful for…