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Press Releases American Leadership jobs and the economy

Leader McCarthy Joins CNBC’s Squawk Box

Instead of getting Americans back to health, this bill is largely a payout for those that agree with Pelosi politically.

Press Releases 21st Century Government Censorship Freedom

McCarthy Delivers Floor Speech Defending Free Speech

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered a speech on the House Floor against Democrats’ attempt to censor what the American public can watch and read in their own homes.

Starting Line The Starting Line

Opportunity in Ohio

“Our vision is to give people the opportunity to walk into a job with more tools in their toolbox. It allows them to ask for higher entry jobs and better wages.”

Starting Line The Starting Line

More than just moving oil

“The Keystone pipeline is about more than just moving oil. It’s about energy independence, it’s about national security, it’s about jobs.”

Starting Line The Starting Line

The Strength of the American Workforce

The pandemic brought a shift in need and demand for all Americans, and subsequently the consumer as well.