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Leader McCarthy Statement on House Passage of NDAA

With so much volatility in the world and increasing threats to our national security, our servicemen and women cannot endure any further uncertainty from their Commander-in-Chief.

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Leader McCarthy on Kevin Brady’s Selection as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee

I am certain that under Kevin Brady’s leadership, the Ways and Means Committee will continue to be an ideas factory, creating the policies that will help America overcome the competitive challenges…

Blog california Drought Water

High-Speed Rail is Failing. California Must Have the Courage to Change.

Moving funds from high-speed rail to drought relief would take the courage to acknowledge that current policy is a waste of time and money and then change course. But that is the leadership that…

Blog Iraq ISIS National Security Syria

When the President Cares About Winning

Defeating ISIS and stabilizing the Middle East is not the same as winning Presidential election campaigns, that’s for sure. But at the very least, America and the world needs President Obama to…

Press Releases Keystone

A New Direction for the House

We want to solve problems regardless of how difficult they may seem. We want to bring creative thinking and solutions and a process that lets every voice be heard in Congress.