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Gov. Newsom’s Data Secret

At the end of this, we will realize that if given more tools, more information, and more personal responsibility, maybe we could have come out of this differently. 

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Three Reasons to Open Schools Now 

We have now hit a breaking point and can no longer delay. It is time to open our schools now for three big reasons: 


The Republican Mission During the Biden Administration

We’re hearing a lot about the word unity lately. After the past year, there’s no doubt a more unified nation will be better for all Americans. But unifying requires more than just words. We have…

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which is it? ?

On March 18, 2020, then-candidate Joe Biden said that halting travel from China because of the coronavirus was “xenophobic fear-mongering.”


“Stop the xenophobic fear-mongering. Be…

Starting Line The Starting Line

Reopen the Schools

President Biden says opening schools is part of his 100 day plan. Unfortunately, we don’t have 100 days.