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The President Shouldn’t Veto Bipartisanship

I don’t think the President should veto energy security throughout North America. I don’t think the President should veto charitable giving across the country. I do not think the President…

Press Release

Leader McCarthy on the President’s Proposed AUMF to Combat ISIL

The Speaker and I told the President we’d consider his request. I am prepared to support an AUMF that provides new legal authorities to go after ISIL and other terrorist groups. However, I will…

Press Release

McCarthy Statement on Interior Drought Announcement

California is facing the worst drought in over a century, and the Administration just doesn’t get that Californians want to solve this crisis with more water, not by simply treating the symptoms…

Press Release

McCarthy Statement at the Passing of Representative Alan Nunnelee

Alan’s integrity, wisdom, and fighting spirit will be remembered by everyone in this body.

Press Release

House Votes to Reduce Regulatory Burdens on Small Businesses

This bill, H.R. 527, forces agencies to consider the least costly options for getting something done, just like every American has to do in this tough economy. And it makes agencies actually have…