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Founder of Paypal Agrees, Bad Government is the Problem

For a long time, we’ve argued that our government is stuck in the 20th century, but Peter Thiel—founder of Paypal and early investor in Facebook—thinks it’s even worse than that.

Press Release

President Obama Should Repudiate Derogatory Remarks About Prime Minister Netanyahu

I am profoundly concerned about reports that senior Administration officials are attacking the character of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, America’s closest ally in the Middle East.

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Government Competence: Keeping the EPA Committed to Science

Our government needs to be more limited, accountable, and competent, and bills like the Secret Science Reform Act will help do just that.

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Government Competence

America doesn’t need a big government. It doesn’t need risky projects and fundamental transformations. What we need is simply a government that works.

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Most Americans would agree that the federal government should not encroach on free speech or play any role in determining what classifies as “social pollution” and “political smears.”