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Press Release

The House Will Protect Constitutional Separation of Powers

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke on the House floor today in support of the House’s efforts to counter President Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions.

Press Release

President Obama Shouldn’t Veto Bipartisan Regulatory Reform

The regulatory system in American needs a full overhaul, so the House started with simple, bipartisan reform to insert some logic in the system.

Press Release

Improving Mental Health Care for Veterans

Honoring his name, the Clay Hunt SAV Act will reform the VA by improving veterans’ access to mental health care resources, helping ensure veterans get the help they need after serving and…

Press Release

We Shouldn’t Be Debating Keystone, We Should Be Building It

2,303 days after the application for Keystone was first submitted to the State Department, we shouldn’t be debating it. We should be building it.

Leader's Blog

The Ruling is in: Only the President is Stopping Keystone

There are no more excuses. The House is voting today to again approve the Keystone XL pipeline. The only thing that can stop the Keystone pipeline now is the President.