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Supporting Our Troops Is No ‘Waste of Time,’ Senator Reid

NDAA is essential to providing the resources our men & women in uniform need to defend and protect the American people. By tradition, this legislation has been passed with bipartisan support,…

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Leader McCarthy on Senate Passage of the USA FREEDOM Act

I urge the President to sign this bill as soon as possible so that our national security and intelligence agencies have the capabilities they need to continue defending our country.

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Leader McCarthy to the Senate: Pass USA Freedom

We know inside the Senate, they’ll be bringing up this bill today. My advice is to take this bill and pass it, and send it to the President to keep America safe.

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Premium AND Administrative Costs Will Rise Under Obamacare

Washington can’t make health care affordable by passing a law saying that it’s so. Real affordability comes when companies can offer a variety of choices, compete for buyers, and drive down…

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House Votes to Cut Regulation in U.S. Fishing Industry

Our domestic seafood industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and generates billions in revenue each year. But the current regulations and data that govern our fisheries need to be updated to…