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Press Release

Leader McCarthy and Chairman Goodlatte Announce Reading of U.S. Constitution on House Floor

On the House floor, at the beginning of each and every Congress, we read aloud the Constitution from the preamble to the 27th amendment. In this reading, we recommit ourselves to defending and…

Press Release

McCarthy Statement on the House Weekly Schedule

This week marks the start of a new Congress—one in which the House remains committed to expanding freedom and opportunity for all Americans, and holding our government accountable to the highest…

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Statement Supporting Whip Scalise

Congressman Scalise acknowledged he made a mistake and has condemned the views that organization espouses. I’ve known him as a friend for many years and I know that he does not share the beliefs of…

Leader's Blog

A Christmas Message

We celebrate Christmas not just for the time to be with our families and spread a little joy in the world, but we also remember that our truest opportunity for happiness and peace comes through Jesus…

Press Release

McCarthy, Thornberry, Nunes, and Frelinghuysen Return from Middle East

In our trip to the Middle East, we particularly appreciated the opportunity to personally express our gratitude to America’s men and women in uniform, intelligence professionals, and diplomats who…