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McCarthy in USA Today: More must be done to fight ISIL

USA Today | September 19, 2014

A little more than 13 years ago, as nearly 3,000 Americans lay murdered by terrorists on our own soil, the nation confronted a new threat. We wrung our hands at our…

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American Energy for American Prosperity

The bill the House passed today builds upon our great energy renaissance by allowing for increased production and distribution. It takes power away from unelected bureaucrats and puts power back in…

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The House is Focused on Improving the Economy

For the past six years, America has been stuck in the worst economic recovery since World War II. Hardworking Americans have been struggling with few jobs and low wages. But we have all the makings…

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American Energy = American Jobs.

America’s energy revolution has revitalized domestic energy production that had been steadily decreasing since the 1970’s and has opened the door for energy independence which was only a dream…

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Commonsense Bills to Help Small Business

The vast majority of companies in the United States are small businesses, and those small businesses employ the majority of American workers. So when people call small businesses the backbone of…