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Press Release

The Senate Needs to Act on California Emergency Water Legislation

Unfortunately, Barbara Boxer and many of her Democratic colleagues in the Senate have not shown the same commitment to achieving a solution to the California water crisis as House Republicans have,…

Press Release

Leader McCarthy: Historic Drought Needs Emergency Action Now

“Do you realize four years ago we had 170 percent of snow pack, but only 80 percent of the water was allocated to come down through the Valley. The Valley not just feeds California, not just feeds…

Leader's Blog

Why the California Water Bill Matters for the Nation

When California agriculture is down, prices go up. But wages across the country are stagnant, so when food prices go up that puts even more strain on the millions of Americans that are just trying to…

Press Release

House Passes Bipartisan and Bicameral NDAA

In an increasingly dangerous world where America continues to face the rise of extremism and instability abroad, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2015 ensures American…

Press Release

Congress Makes Laws, Not the President

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that this is about a President who has gone beyond his constitutional authority. I urge the Senate to consider this bill, and I especially urge the Democrat…