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Press Release

McCarthy Statement on ISIS

Bakersfield, CA – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy released the following statement regarding American-led air strikes against ISIS:”With each passing day, an unchecked ISIS grows more powerful,…

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#TBT – House Acts on Border Crisis, Senate Heads Home

It’s irresponsible that the Senate would pack up and head home without working to address this crisis and approving our bill. Once again, while the House is at work, the “do-nothing” Senate…

Leader's Blog

You Won’t Even Know These Obamacare Costs are Going Up Until You Get the Bill

Rising premiums are bad enough, but combined with the lack of income verification, millions of individuals are receiving taxpayer-funded subsidies they are not qualified for. These recent costly…


Kevin McCarthy: Coming together for water for our community

Our communities are running out of water and people’s livelihoods are on the line. Action is required, which is why I am pursuing all options – legislative and regulatory action. I will continue…


Wall Street Journal: California Plans Bullet Train Without More U.S. Aid

“I will do all that I can to ensure not one dollar of federal funding goes to boondoggles like California’s high-speed rail,” Mr. McCarthy said. “The government’s handling of hard earned taxpayer…