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Press Releases

Leader McCarthy: We Must Help Americans Achieve Financial Independence

Today Majority Leader McCarthy spoke on the House floor in favor of H.R. 685, the Mortgage Choice Act, and other bills from the House Financial Services Committee to help Americans achieve financial…


A Western Agenda in Congress this Week

Our western states were born on the backs and in the minds of pioneers that represent all that is great in our nation. The House is focused on ensuring that Washington understands American greatness…

Press Releases

House Will Protect Taxpayers and Rein in the IRS

Majority Leader McCarthy spoke today at a Republican leadership press conference about protecting hardworking American taxpayers with legislation on the House Floor this week.

Blog 21st Century Government Accountability Veterans

After a Year, The VA Has Still Not Reduced Wait Times

Veterans deserve a 21st century VA, which means increased choice and more accountability. Our work in the VA didn’t stop when the reform bill was signed into law.


MEMORANDUM: April Agenda

Americans want results. That’s why we should all be encouraged by the way we finished March. We accomplished two major goals and in so doing, set the tone for the remainder of this Congress.