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Cost of Living Outpaces Wages

One of the reasons people are still hurting in the Obama economy is that for everyone but the highest wage earners, earnings are down. Meanwhile, inflation means that prices are going up. That means…

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Surprise! Still Isn’t Working

Almost a year after the rollout, is still broken. In order to prevent fraud, we must have proper verification. It’s impossible to do that if website doesn’t even work. This is just the…

Leader's Blog

Higher Food Prices Set to Hit All Families

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, this fall families all across the country will start to feel “sticker shock” – and we’re not talking about Obamacare. This spike in food…

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As College Students Head Back to School, Youth Debt and Unemployment Remain High

Come September, America’s best and brightest will be heading back to college campuses to kick of the new school year. Unfortunately, they could be in a rude awakening after graduation when student…

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We Need a Long-Term Solution for the VA

A recently released IG report shows there are still 1,800 veterans in Phoenix who requested appointments but will have to wait at least 90 days for care. The President has a great opportunity here to…