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Back to School Choice

As kids across America prepare to head back to school this week, their fresh faces and eagerness to learn remind us all of the transformative power of education. Good schools and hardworking students…

Leader's Blog

Our Economy Needs More Than Optimistic Rhetoric From The President

A strong and vibrant economy that is filled with opportunity doesn’t come from government mandates or regulations. Nor does it come just because the President says it will. Policies that empower…

Leader's Blog

Leader McCarthy on California and the Nation

Earlier this month, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sat down for an extended interview with the Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson sponsored by Wall Street Journal Live. The 45-minute interview…

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Is Secure? The Administration Won’t Say

The Associated Press reported today that the Obama administration refuses to tell the people about the security—or lack thereof—of After the complete failure of the launch of…

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The VA Isn’t Fixed Just Yet

The VA reform bill signed by the President was a necessary and positive step forward, but more work must be done in order to create a truly modern VA that serves our veterans as they deserve.