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What Can You Get with $2.1 Billion? Less Than You Think

The federal government spent $2.1 billion building so far. And what have the taxpayers gotten for all that cash? The website still doesn’t work, according to a recent GAO report, and…


The Tale of Two Bodies

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of activity, it was the age of stonewalling. In short, it was the House, and it was the Senate.


The Recovery That Never Quite Comes

Republicans and Democrats in the House have worked together to pass real solutions for America’s continued economic problems. It’s long past time the Senate consider those bills and the President…


Don’t Expect Much On

When it comes to the Obama Administration, we’ve all learned to lower our expectations. Lower health insurance premiums? Nope. An economic recovery? Still waiting. Making a that…


Keystone Has Been Delayed for Six Years

The Keystone pipeline alone would help lift the burden on America’s strained energy infrastructure while adding 42,100 high-wage manufacturing and construction jobs and generating about $5 billion…