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Press Release

Government Reform the American People Need

Today, the House passed three bills to protect Americans from IRS overreach. Altogether, these bills will aid investigations into IRS wrongdoings and protect innocent Americans from IRS targeting.

Press Release

Pocket Constitutions Available to Public in Recognition of Constitution Day on September 17

In recognition of Constitution Day, Wednesday, September 17th, Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield office will have pocket constitutions available* to the public.

Leader's Blog

Reducing Burdens on America’s Small Businesses

We’ve been suffering from the worst economic recovery since WWII—a recovery where the cost of living is outpacing wage increases for millions of Americans. It’s time to remove the burdens…

Leader's Blog

An All-of-the-Above Energy Solution

By using our great diversity of energy resources, we can expand our economy and lower energy prices. That’s a good deal and an easy decision.

Leader's Blog

Lowering Energy Prices for American Families

By encouraging increased domestic production of energy, addressing the infrastructure needed to move that energy, and maintaining a diverse, reliable, and affordable mix of energy – House…