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Obamacare is a Lemon

Some things seem like great decisions when you’re making them. A used car salesman butters you up to purchase a junker that your friends urge you not to buy. You convince yourself you can chop…

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Whip McCarthy on FOX News: Only Headlines Make Administration Act on VA

House Majority Whip McCarthy appeared on FOX News this morning to discuss the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing today on VA accountability and the House-passed VA Management and…

Leader's Blog

On VA, House Acts and Senate Still Waits

A new VA IG report will be released later today that will “demonstrate the extent of the systemic problems we have discovered,” according to acting Secretary Sloan Gibson, and the House…

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Obamacare Discrepancies Are Another Example of Administrative Incompetence

After Obamacare became law, Republicans predicted price increases, longer wait times, shrinking networks, and more. While we’ve definitely started to see that, the news has been dominated by what…

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America’s Priorities are Republican Priorities

Time and again, the American people have told Washington they care most about three things: the economy and jobs, health care, and the national debt. Republicans are listening and have focused for…