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Lowering Energy Prices for American Families

By encouraging increased domestic production of energy, addressing the infrastructure needed to move that energy, and maintaining a diverse, reliable, and affordable mix of energy – House…

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Obamacare’s Broken Promise on Life

Taxpayer subsidies are paying for plans that cover abortion and none of the plans interviewed by GAO are being required to comply with Obamacare’s accounting gimmick of separate surcharges for…

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Better Child Care for America’s Families

This bicameral and bipartisan bill reforms, simplifies, and better coordinates the current child care and development block grant program by increasing access to information, enhancing parental…


Breaking the Bonds that Tie Our Economy Down

Washington’s bureaucracy is outdated, inefficient, and unaccountable. These House reforms are obvious fixes to the country’s regulatory problems and will help bring our government into the 21st…


Unleashing North American Energy

The American energy revolution has been one of the lone bright spots in an otherwise beleaguered economy. But despite this abundance, the Obama administration is relentless in their pursuit to crowd…