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It’s Education Week in the House

House Republicans remain committed to passing bipartisan reforms so that Washington works for the people again, and this week we’re continuing to keep opportunity and success at the center of our…

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President Obama Vetoes Bipartisanship

President Obama’s veto is overtly political. He can no longer hide behind talk that he wants to work with Congress while vetoing a bipartisan bill that will create 40,000 jobs in order to appease the…

My “Giving Back” Philosophy

Education is the key to upward mobility. Education allows you to give and learn at the same time. Education provides you with the strong foundation needed to move forward—and that’s what my…

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McCarthy Statement on the 10th Anniversary of the Assassination of Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri

Today, Hizballah and its Iranian patrons continue to pose a threat to Lebanon’s sovereignty, just as they continue to pose a threat to Israel, to regional peace and stability, and to United States…

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Small Businesses Need Certainty

The last thing a small business needs is uncertainty from their government. So today is the day not to debate. Today is the day to invest in America’s small business.