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The Obama Paradox: How to Be Relevant While Ignoring Congress

Far from the days of grand ambitions and plans to reshape America, the President has lately taken to shows of executive power and thoughts of his legacy. Carrie Budoff Brown and Jennifer Epstein…

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A Pointless Presidency

In an effort to defend his new climate regulations, the President argues that the rules will actually help the economy and reduce climate change. In both cases the President has already proved…

Leader's Blog

Common Sense: EPA Regulations Won’t Help the Economy

Experts say that the new EPA regulations could close hundreds of power plants, according to the New York Times, but anyone with common sense knows that imposing costly regulations on any industry is…


Utilities Size Up Emission Cap for Power Plants

New federal limits on greenhouse-gas emissions would force sweeping changes in the U.S. electric system but wouldn’t deliver the knockout blow to coal that mining companies and some power producers…

Press Release

Whip McCarthy Statement on the Administration’s Proposed EPA Power Plant Regulations

Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on the Administration’s proposed EPA regulation on existing power plants:

“What are the President’s real…