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EPA Carbon Regulations Kick Us While We’re Down

Does this President just not understand how the economy works? Time and again business leaders and employers say that increased regulations kill jobs. When more time and money are spent adhering to…

Press Release

Whip McCarthy Statement on the VA IG Report on Patient Wait Times

“New leadership is necessary to change the harmful culture towards our veterans at the VA. The interim report released today by the Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General confirms…

Leader's Blog

Survey Says… Americans Don’t Like Obamacare

Two new surveys highlight the continued headwinds the President and Washington Democrats face regarding their healthcare law. CNBC reports this morning that a survey conducted by Bankrate found that…

Leader's Blog

Obamacare v. Union Insurance

Obamacare is raising costs across the nation, and union workers are starting to feel the pain of the President’s health care overhaul. From California farmworkers to Philadelphia transit employees,…


Obama ‘In the Dark’: GOP Narrative

”A presidency in the dark.”
The narrative that House Republicans are making of recent events.
The graphic at the homepage of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the California Republican who serves as majority…